läsa Béatrice Cussol : rude girls pdf ebook

läsa Béatrice Cussol : rude girls pdf ebook

Béatrice Cussol : rude girls

  • Siffra: 602768991986172
  • Författare:
  • Språk: Sveriges
  • Utvärdering: 5.0/5 (Votes: 1022)
  • Paperback : 165 sidor
  • Tillgänglighet: En lager
  • Ladda ner format: PDF, EPUB, KINDLE, FB2, AUDIBLE, MOBI och andra.


Cute animals, fluffy clouds, blood, sex and pleasure...surreal watercolors executed in rapid brushstrokes, almost like comic panels. At first glance it looks Cussols paintings appear to be made by a schoolgirl. It's birdie cards, colorful handbags, ruffled dresses and fluffy clouds with eyes and mouth. But if you look closer, the content becomes multilayered, uncomfortable and confusing. The women in the paintings behave not as expected. This book is published in conjunction with her exhibition at the Spritmuseum in Stockholm.

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